Monday, January 23, 2017

Health and Fitness Blog!

For a while now, I have been trying to figure out what I want to do with my blog. I have been so busy between school and work, I never have anytime to myself. Lately I have been feeling sick because of this: weak, tired, and stressed. With the new year starting I have decided I need to put myself first or I am never going to feel better. The first week of January I saw my endocrinologist and through some different testing we found out I have poly-cystic ovarian syndrome otherwise known as PCOS, along with that I found out I am becoming insulin resistant. Finding this out hit me pretty hard and I knew I needed to make big changes in my life. My endocrine told me I need to quit eating carbs and sugars, so as to repair my body and lose weight. I decided one way to help me through this and hold me accountable is to make my blog completely about health and fitness and body positivity. On my blog I want to post health updates and progress pictures. Recipes and stories about my journey to a healthy life. I want to have a healthy life, healthy body, and healthy mind. This is why I have chosen to put my life first. Yes I am still in school and striving to do my best, and yes I still have a job, but I am looking for a new job because my current one puts more stress on me than I can handle and I know it has a lot to do with why I feel so horrid all of the time.

For now I am transitioning to a low-carb lifestyle that is sustainable. My ultimate weight loss goal is to lose 100 pounds! I have stocked up on plenty of active wear which I may do a haul of on my blog. I am making a gym schedule, so I always know when to be ready to go and I am making a homework schedule so I do not procrastinate and stress myself out when the deadlines near. as for YouTube it is still something I really want to do but for now I want to focus on my blog and getting my life on track.