Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Health and Blog Update!

I have not blogged in a very long time. I miss blogging. Lately I haven't been doing anything. I have felt awful for months now. Like my hypothyroidism has been getting the best of me. I can't sleep at night then I sleep all day. I'm not hungry during the day but I am starving at night. I have had horrible headaches everyday and been moody and irritable. My energy is the worst of all though. I have literally no energy. I can barely push myself enough to get out of bed. This past week I went to see my endocrine and were working together to get me normalized again along with running some other tests just to make sure there are no underlying health issues to be worried about. I have been extremely stressed lately so my cortisol levels are going crazy so I am hoping I can find a way to destress and get back to normal.

Also I have decided to make a change in the right direction so I can finally lose all of this extra weight I am carrying. I joined a gym! Right now I'm working full time and a full time college student. This has proved to be a challenge for me because I am always tired, but I know I need to kick my own butt and get to the gym.

With the holidays upon us, being healthy is hard to do, but I also know how important it is, especially being hypothyroid. Every pound I gain is another struggle I have to face. During this holiday season I plan on being conscious of my eating and making sure to get myself to the gym. I would prefer it if I can get to the gym 5 days a week, but since I am officially starting my new lifestyle 3 days a week is my current goal.

I do have some goals for the new year as well. First of all, I really want to keep up with my blogging. I love blogging and I feel so sad when I can't because I am always so busy. I want to get quality blogs up at least once a week.
Second I want to continue on the path of my healthy lifestyle. I will not make progress if I am not consistent and being consistent has proven to be a challenge especially during college.
Third I want to make more time for me as well as my friends. One thing I seem to neglect in my hectic life is me. I never have any time to myself to just be with myself and take care of myself and that is so important to have a healthy life and healthy mind. I want to be able to spend more time with my friends as well. I don't see many of them on a regular basis because we all work and are all in college, so I want to make time for friends.
Lastly and my biggest goal for the new year is YOUTUBE! I have wanted to have my own youtube channel for years. I just never have had enough confidence or courage to do it. Lately I have realized that I need to do it because it's something I really want and the only thing holding me back is me! So with that being said I have not decided what type of videos I want to make. I love fashion and beauty and I am leaning towards that, but I also would like to document my healthy lifestyle journey. Maybe I'll just incorporate a bit of both. This is something I need to figure out.

With all of that being said Thank you for reading and I hope as we head into the holidays you all enjoy and have a wonderful time!