Monday, March 28, 2016

Fun and Simple Ways to Burn 100 Calories!

Hey Everyone! Now that I have decided to start my health journey, I would like to share some ways you can get active with me!

Sometimes getting up everyday and finding the time and energy to fit in a workout can be challenging. So today, I have decided to share with you some easy ways to burn 100 calories!

Working out on a schedule can be hard especially when you have to go be an adult, which with me involves school and work, so starting your day off with music can change your mood for the day. So while getting ready put on your favorite songs and DANCE! Dancing for 20 minutes can burn 100 Calories!

Cooking for 34 minutes can burn 100 calories as well! While you are meal prepping your healthy, delicious, and nutritious food you could be burning 100 calories without even trying. That's a great reason to quit eating out and start cooking at home, along with the added benefits of the healthy food you are making!

It is important to also make sure you are snacking healthy! There are plenty of healthy snacks that are only 100 calories! One of my personal favorites are Chobani Yogurts! These yogurts are so delicious and easy to grab and go!  Check out Chobani Simply 100 Yogurts and get a dollar off coupon here

A lot of us have pets. A lot of us have dogs, and naturally dogs need to be walked. Its good for them and good for you. Walking your dog for 26 minutes can burn 100 calories. This is so easy and refreshing. Most of us do this anyways so just make sure your take a 26 minute walk with your pup!
BTW: A 30 minute walk everyday is recommended to keep your heart healthy!

This one is for all the moms and dads out there. Playing with your kids for 23 minutes will burn 100 calories. This doesn't mean playing video games, it means get out and go to the park get outside and do something active with your kids. You and your kids will benefit from this together!

One of my personal favorite ways to burn 100 calories is SHOPPING! 38 minutes of shopping will have your reaching this goal in no time! I love taking out of town shopping trips with my friends and family. Visiting new malls keeps this interesting as well, and I know I will explore more too.

Something That burns 100 calories that I do not like so much is cleaning. Cleaning your house for 25 minutes gets the job done. I do not Like cleaning, but its necessary so at least burning 100 calories is a bonus!

23 Minutes of cycling is another way. This is very handy for college students who get around on bikes. Cycling that 23 minutes gets you to burn 100 calories quick!

So many of these things can be done throughout the day which means you will burn more than 100 Calories A day! Making your fitness goals achievable and you will be a more fit you in no time!

Here are a few other Fun ways burn 100 Calories!
9 minutes of Jogging
10 minutes skiing
15 minutes lifting weights
18 minutes iceskating
20 minutes of Yoga

And of course, I'm sure there are many more ways to burn 100 calories! Feel free to follow me on Twitter @SimplyGrace365 and my Instagram: SimplyGrace365, and message me some of the ways you burn 100 calories!

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