Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Radioactive Iodine Treatment! Day 1 Isolation!

     So today I started my RAI treatment for thyroid cancer. I will be in 3-5 days but I am hoping for just 3 days. I am already bored out of my mind, but at least I have a lot of activities.I received my nuclear dose around 2:30 today. They brought me the pills in a metal container and then opened that container and then pulled a plastic tube out with the dose in it and then I took it. It is kind of crazy knowing you just ingested what everyone around you has to stay away from, but you gotta do whatcha gotta do!
     Luckily there's a laptop in the room. locked to a desk. So I can stay in contact with my friends and family. I was not allowed to have any of my electronics in the room with me. Everything that came in the room with me cannot leave. I cant seem to get onto Netflix or Hulu because it doesn't have the proper software. I tried downloading it but I need an admin password which I do not have. I will find other means of entertainment. My boyfriend and his aunt bought me coloring books and a lot of crayons, markers, colored pencils. My aunt bought me some magazines and she is also going to bring me more activities tomorrow. I can have visitors, but they have to talk on the phone to you through a window. Everything in the room that i would be touching has plastic wrap even my glasses. the bed of course doesn't. I am chugging water and working out and keeping the heat cranked because the more you sweat the quicker your radioactivity levels will go down. There is a phone in the room so I can order dinner from the cafe which by the way is still low iodine. I will be on this diet till I leave isolation. I can also call my friends and family which is nice. But right now I am just messaging everyone on Facebook. Television is awful here, at least at night. I am not complaining though. The programs on during the day are great. Plus there are a bunch of movies on the Tv.
      I will be blogging about my experience in isolation every evening while here. If you have any questions feel free to ask me!