Thursday, July 21, 2016

College Graduation and Major Change!

On May 13th 2016 I graduated from my local community college with an Associates in Psychology. Psychology was not my intention when I thought about my future. The only reason I went for a degree in psychology was because I needed it to pursue a dental hygiene, which was not what I wanted either. When I first started college I thought I needed to get a job that is going to make good money. I do not want to clean teeth. That is not what I am passionate about.  and the truth is all jobs are going to make you money. Just going to college is going to help so much. I thought about many different career paths I could take since I had already started my degree in psychology, but I could never think of something that would make me truly happy. So after finally realizing what I truly want to do is teach I have switched my major to Elementary education. I will be starting school at my university in the fall and by December 2018 I should have my teaching degree. I love going to school. I am always excited to start school every year and I am sad when it ends.  I love school supply shopping and getting creative with my work. I enjoy working with children. I know this is the right career path for me.

Bye For Now :)