Thursday, May 14, 2015

My thyroid Journey Part 2: My thyroid Biopsy.

Having hypothyroidism means going to the doctor regularly and blood work, so in one of my regular checkups, my doctor told me it was time for me to get some more blood work done. When the results came back she told me I had high TPO ab levels, but not the highest she's seen. So we made sure everything was going okay with my medicine and made sure I had the right dosage. Then she told me that in about 6 months, I should go in for a sonogram of my thyroid; six months later I scheduled that appointment. The sonogram was really quick and I had my results a few days later. The doctors found a 1.8 cm nodule on the left lobe of my thyroid. The next step in the process was having a biopsy to determine if the nodule was benign or malignant. I am not going to lie, this biopsy was painful. The process included numbing my skin and then 3 rounds of the doctor jiggling a needle around into my thyroid and the doctor telling me my nodule was really deep. I felt everything, and I was in pain for days. Being stressed out for weeks I was finally going to get my results a week after my biopsy on Monday April 27th 2015.