Friday, May 1, 2015

My thyroid Journey Part 1: Finding out I was Hypothyroid

Finding out I was Hypothyroid.

Prior to August 2014, I had been trying to lose weight. I wanted to feel good about myself and be the healthiest person I could be; I wanted to take care of my body. I had been working out religiously. Doing things like swimming, walking, jogging, running, weights, Pilates. I had was also eating very healthy. I was watching my calorie intake, sugar intake, and I completely cut out all preservatives from my diet. I followed the Blogilates diet and exercise plan, which to this day I still love. I wasn't seeing any results. I was even gaining weight. Granted my body felt good but I was doing this for months upon months and nothing. I decided it was time to see my doctor. Maybe I was doing something wrong, maybe she had some suggestions. So I went to the doctor told her what'd been going on and she said she wanted me to get some blood work done to check out some things, such as my thyroid. Hesitantly, I did it. I had always heard that blaming your thyroid is just a lazy persons excuse not to do anything. Well, a few short days later, my results were in and I was diagnosed as hypothyroid. My doctor immediately started me on Levothyroxine to get my hormones in check.  I was still keeping up with my workouts and healthy eating and yet I ballooned up 30 more pounds. I wasn't happy about this, but I didn't let it discourage me  I kept up with my school work and a job. Even though I felt like I had no energy, I had to keep on pushing.