Sunday, March 29, 2015

Plus Size Clothing For Teens!! Where to Shop!

Finding plus size clothing has never been an easy task this is a fact! I have one store in the town I live in that carries plus sizes and that is Maurices but our maurices has 1 rack hidden in the back of ugly plus size clothing, So I have to do all of my shopping online or travel A plus size teen aged girl wants to dress young and fabulous like everyone else and for so many years there were hardly any plus size clothing stores that target the plus sized teen girl. This is detrimental to a young impressionable girl! Finally though we are seeing more and more stores offering a plus size line! So I'm writing this post to inform all of you where I shop for my Plus sized clothing! All throughout high school I shopped at debshops I loved that store so much it saw me through everything but sadly they have closed down. I know the struggle that Plus sized teens go through I am only 20 and I have been through high school I know what its like, but any ways lets get into this!

These plus size lines can be found in select stores and online

Charlotte Russe+  This is currently my go to store! They just lauched the plus size line this month! Their clothes are true to size, inexpensive, and great quality! They carry online and in select stores their website has a store locator for the stores that sell the + sizes in their stores and I link that right here:

Forever 21(they have had a + size line for a while)


Rue 21+ (Rue 21 come out with a plus size line in November this past year and I cannot get enough of their clothes they are amazing and up to date on the trends and their prices are phenomenal! Bonus:they always have coupons and discounts!)

Maurices (although I do not shop here as much as other stores sometimes I do find cute pieces)

Torrid ( I just started shopping here recently and they do have some cute pieces they are very expensive but for the quality it is worth it!)

These are plus size lines that are online only as well as stores that offer extended sizes

Kohls (kohls has a plus size juniors line online only as far as I know)

Aeropostale (aero does not have a plus size line but online they do carry extended sizes up to a size 18 in pants and an XXL in tops)

American Eagle (AE also carries extended sizes online they have up to a Size 18 in pants and an XXL in shirts.)

These are the stores I enjoy shopping at There are many more plus size clothing stores! I also intend to make a page on this blog of stores I shop at and constantly update it. I hope this helps some of you! If you guys know of any stores I have not listed let me know! I am always looking for a good clothing store!