Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Coastal Scents!

I have really been wanting to get some products from Coastal Scents for a while. They are very affordable and well made. They don't test on animals and to me they have always seemed like a great company to buy from. My boyfriend and I just celebrated our two and a half year anniversary and one of the gifts he got me was the 78 eyeshadow and blush palette. I was so excited!

The first thing I want to say is how adorable the shipping box is! Its literally like opening a gift box!
Whenever you order from coastal scents, you get a few little goodies besides what you bought. In my package, I got a sample from their Revealed palette, which was exciting because I really wanted to try their revealed palette before buying it! I also got 2 business cards from coastal scents, a Project Ghana pamphlet, and a super cute "<3 makeup" which will be going on my buggie :D

The eyeshadow blush palette came very well packaged, inside of this cute box and wrapped in bubble wrap.
The palette casing has matte black finish and the colors inside are phenomenal. There are so many bright, bold colors and many neutrals. There's a mixture of shimmer colors and matte colors. Everything I have tested so far has been very pigmented. I can't wait to create many beautiful looks!