Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Five E.L.F. Cosmetics Must Haves!

Eyes lips face is one of my makeup brands not just for the marvelous price but for the wonderful quality in all of their products. There are so many wonderful items that they sell! Here are my top five must haves from ELF:

1.The ELF kabuki face brush: The softest kabuki brush I have ever felt. the brush is dense, but also flexible making it perfect to apply any sort of face powder. I personally use mine to apply my ELF high definition powder. I have washed my kabuki several times and have never experience any sort of fall out.
This brush retails for about six dollars.

2.ELF essential Eyelash curler: In my personal experience all eyelash curlers have always done the exact same thing, which is why I have never seen the point in buying expensive curlers other than aesthetics. This eyelash curler is well made and gets the jobs done. It comes with 2 rubber pads, one in the curler and ready to use and a spare.
This retails for one dollar

3.High definition powder: I am not a big user of face powder. I have always found a good foundation to be sufficient enough, but I decided to try the ELF high definition powder on a whim. I have certainly fell in love though, because this powder feels like you are applying a sheer silk to your face. It leaves my face looking flawless and gives it a soft focus
This retails for six dollars

4.ELF Lip exfoliator: A winter must have, I use this product in my daily skincare routine. My lips get so dry and chapped during the winter, but this lip exfoliator just rubs away the dead chapped skin, and leaves your lips so soft with a sweet taste on your lips.  

5.Cream Eyeliner: I have always been a traditional, retractable eyeliner type of gal, but in the past year I have been straying away from my old habits and trying new things, which is why I decided to try Elf cream eyeliner. Once I finally got used to applying the eyeliner, I knew it would be a forever must have. This eyeliner hasn't dried out yet and it is wonderfully creamer and glides on like a charm. There are several color options, but I prefer the black.
This retails for three dollars.