Sunday, October 18, 2015

Finishing Cancer Treatment.

  Hey everyone! first off I want to start off by saying I'm sorry! I know I said I was going to blog every day I was in isolation. But it turns out every day in there was the same. Who would've thought! I was able to leave the third day, which was nice because being cooped up in sweaty hospital room can make a person go crazy! Anyways, I got out on friday July 31st. That night I did experience some nausea and threw up. I did go a little overboard eating after being on that low iodine diet, I thought I needed to everything I missed out on; big no no. After a few days I started feeling normal again, even though my sense of taste was out of whack. Anyways, now that I am done and there is no more sign of any cancer or thyroid cells in my body as of august 19th, I am feeling so good! I did start my gluten free diet as recommended by my dietician to help with my symptoms. I am overall feeling great I am not gaining weight and even better, I am no starting to lose weight! Once I incorporate a workout routine, I know I will able to get my life, health, and body in check!
  As for the future of my blog, now that I am starting a whole new lifestyle, I am going to be blogging about that as well as everything else. I plan on including gluten free recipes, my workout routines, outfits, and much more! I also want to do some school related blogging since I am a college student and will be graduating in May with my associate's degree and heading off to a university to continue my education. My ultimate goal though is to begin my Youtube channel, so fingers crossed for that! For now I will be trying to post new content at least once a week if not more!
  Anyways this was just a brief update on my life as of now!