Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Thyroidectomy/ Thyroid cancer.

June 24th, 2015, I had a complete thyroidectomy. My pre-op was at 5:30 am. The nurses prepped me for surgery and and asked me a million questions, but all I could think about was hoping my family would not cry in front of me because I am a sympathetic crier and really didn't feel like crying. I was in a good mood to be honest. I was ready for surgery; ready to have the nodule removed. My surgery was planned as only a partial lobectomy: they were only going to remove the left lobe with the nodule, but they were also going to have pathologist on site to test it and make sure if it was cancerous or not, so that I wouldn't have to have more than one surgery if possible. At 7am, I was wheeled back into the operating room and moved onto the operating table. The anesthesiologist was so friendly and seemed very familiar to me for some reason. He talked me through everything and talked to me until I fell asleep. It didn't even seem like five minutes before I started waking up. The first thing I heard was the nurse on the phone with someone who was prepping my room and she said, "she had total thyroidectomy." That's when I knew I had cancer. My first thought was "yep" and then my throat started hurting really bad, because of the tube they had down it during surgery. I was in and out of sleep on the way up to my room and as soon as I was in the room I needed to use the restroom. when I came out, all of my family was there. As soon as everyone cleared except my parents and my boyfriend I said " it was cancer?" My mom said "yeah, the Dr. said he knew it was just by feeling it." After that, I focused on completely waking myself up and begging for liquid because my throat hurt so bad and it was parched. The incision and the drainage tube didn't even bother me, just my throat. the drain tube had to stay in over night which was kind of annoying, but I couldn't do anything about it. I wasn't allowed to have anything but clear liquids at first, but soon was allowed to have other liquids such as chicken broth and ice cream; I wasn't allowed to have solid food the first night. My dietitian also gave me a diet to follow after surgery to help with healing. I had to have my blood drawn every six hours throughout the rest of the day and night to check my calcium levels, which were all good. The next morning I was able to eat solid foods which was nice and I was also being discharged since I was doing so well. The nurse took my drainage tube out and that really hurt as it slid out because it was larger than the opening that they had put it through. They checked my calcium once again and I was able to leave with my follow up appointment scheduled on July 10th to discuss the treatment plan.

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