Sunday, February 15, 2015

Closet Organization!

It has been such a long time since my last post! Life has been crazy busy, but I finally have time to start posting some really exciting blogs now!
So recently my room was a complete disaster. I'm now in my third semester of college, and this semester has already proven to be a challenge. I'm buried deep in homework every day and I can't seem to get myself organized. Finally, for my birthday weekend, I had four days off and got a super cool closet organizer from my parents, and my very kind boyfriend spent his entire weekend with me and set up my entire closet. I am so grateful for my parents and to my boyfriend for this. Now my life seems so much more organized and my closet looks so Chic!

So, this organizer is from Home Depot for 100 dollars; the shoe racks range from 10 to 15. You can buy multiple pieces for it and make it completely your own! 

This is before my closet got a makeover. Absolutely nothing in my room was organized, and because I decided to take the doors off my closet, the mess completely spilled over into my room. The top shelf of my closet I typically used for junk and knick-knacks,stuff I don't actually use.  I kept all my shirts on one side of the closet and pants and dresses on the other side. In the bottom, I put everything else in life I didn't want to deal with. Haha :)

I was very impatient during the building process and could not wait to set things up!

And Finally the finished product!

My closet is now so beautiful and I am very thankful for this gift. Everything in my room now has a spot, which means I am much more organized. I love the functionality of this organizer, I can keep shirts and pants on the same side, but on different rods. I also have a shelf to display jewelry and perfume and My shoes now have shelves and My dresses are visible as well.