Monday, October 6, 2014

Volkswagen New Beetle!

 I have truly been lacking on my blogging, I just wanted to explain why...
Over the summer, I had decided to get a job. I am in college and I want to be more independent, so getting a job seemed like a really great idea. With the money I would earn from my job, I decided to save up and get myself a car! I knew saving up for something this big would be a challenge for me, especially since I am a shopaholic and having many college expenses. I spent my entire summer working crazy schedules, prepping for the upcoming fall semester and reviewing many different cars. I finally decided to go with a Volkswagen New Beetle. First of all, you have to admit these cars are super adorable. secondly, this particular make and model had alot of features I wanted, such as: its compact size, sun roof, leather interior, and heated seats. After working all summer, it was finally time to go get my buggie! I decided to go to Las Vegas to car shop, due to the fact they had a great selection of buggies that interested me and I had also never been to Vegas before. September 26th, My family and I made the journey to Vegas; I had so much fun exploring the Vegas Strip that night and taking in the beautiful city lights, and the next day I finally got a car!