Friday, April 11, 2014

Olay Fresh Effects!

These products have been a fantastic addition to my everyday skin care routine. They are easy to use and leave your skin feeling soft refreshed and they also smell like heaven!

I had been on the hunt for a good facial brush for months, I didn't want to waste money on something that would eventually get thrown away, so after some consideration I finally decided why not! I am positive I made the right decision.  
I purchased this {Va Va Vivid!} set at my local Walmart for $12.97.

First Impression: The bristles on this brush were pretty stiff, but began to loosen up after a few uses. The set is on the small side, but I learned quickly that a little goes a long way. The cleanser smells wonderful and is gentle on my sensitive acne prone skin. 

Conclusion: I absolutely love this product and will definitely repurchase. The brush cleans deep and leaves my face feeling fresh all day.

{Dew Over!} 
Hydrating gel moisturizer
Of all the moisturizers I have tried (and believe me I have tried many) this hand down the best yet!
Purchased from my local Walmart for $12.97

First impression: When I opened the product the first thing I noticed was the smell, It was strong but didn't bother me. It applied well and didn't take much to cover my entire face.

Conclusion: This product truly hydrates my face. It doesn't leave me shiny, and it is not heavy on the face. At the end of the day my face is still moisturized. I love this product!

{BB Cream!}
Skin perfecting Tinted Moisturizer with sunscreen
Purchased from my local Walmart for $10.97
I have had this product for a long time and It lasts forever!

First Impression: Extremely sheer it did not perfect anything. It is tinted but it is so sheer it wasn't quite what I was looking for in a tinted moisturizer. It is very light weight. Smelled strongly of sunscreen, but that didn't bother me. 

Conclusion: While this is a good source of sunscreen and a great option in the summer it just wasn't one of my favorite products. I do how ever enjoy this product when I am having a good skin day for just some added moisture. I probably wont be repurchasing.